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An artist in spirit, I embrace life through the creation of music & narrative

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Final Beginning album cover

Final Beginning album cover


Music is my language of communication, love and inspiration. Playing piano is an indescribable experience where time slows, dimensions shift and I find myself simultaneously creating in the moment while reliving past memories and dreaming about future aspirations. I choose to share my music and writing with you because I believe connectedness equates to fulfillment for all. If my story or my music helps one individual to feel more connected to themselves and others, then I have succeeded.

I have struggled to find a way to make a bigger difference in this world and I still am learning what the answer is. Perhaps the answer lies in the journey rather then the destination. What I do know however, is that I can share my experiences with you and hope that it leaves an impression that will make you maybe laugh, cry, feel, be in the moment, or just feel connected.

Drunken Stars was inspired by a deep sense of missing the physical presence of my mother. While composing this song, there was an inner transformation from sadness to comfort as I came to the realization that I was not alone. Sorrow transpired into hope and reassurance from the personal belief that our spiritual form exists permanently. For me, this spiritual form was embodied by the multitude of dancing glittery stars that carpeted the sky that beautiful clear night. Please enjoy a clip from Drunken Stars:


Classical Prayer is a representation of the expression of inner desire/dream/aspiration and the satisfaction of emotional release and being at peace with oneself. I hope that it provides you with a sense of inspiration and encouragement to pursue the things you dream of doing.