Eki Shola


Eki-7934 crop 0515A little intro…

Eki Shola (Eh-key Show-lah): I am a gift from God. Seriously, that is the meaning of Eki. Truthfully, I was a little deflated when 20+ years later I traveled to Japan and kept seeing “Eki” at every train stop. Eki means station in Japanese.

Born in London and given a Nigerian name by Jamaican parents, we later emigrated to New York in the late 1980s. I feel that Jamaica is my cultural roots; London the place where I remember my childhood memories; and New York City the place that offered amazing gritty life adventures. For now, California is my current abode – a relaxed atmosphere with an abundance of glorious weather.

My passions are music and writing and I feel fortunate to be doing both. I’m currently working on a memoir and guidebook for premed students. Check out my blog here on topics ranging from music, travel, parenting (mainly the comical side!), reflections and more.

My true love is music and as a keyboardist and singer, I enjoy sharing my music with others. As a solo artist, I composed, produced and released my debut album, Final Beginning, on August 20, 2016. The album is a musical journey that fuses electronica, jazzsoul and classical. Check out my EPK for more details. Finally, I’m excited to share with you that I’m currently writing and producing a double album that fuses chillhop, jazzfunk, lush vocals and a 4th album of classically inspired piano pieces. Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated!