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Eki Shola is a musical healer, composing music that allows listeners to relax and ease the daily stressors of life. Her first album, Final Beginning, (August 20, 2016 release including digital distribution across major platforms) mixes chilltronica ambient piano and synths, syncopated beats, unexpected effects, and jazz organ riffs, compelling listeners to engage with her music in the here and now. As a musical memoir, Final Beginning unifies creative and pragmatic forces with the power of grief, personal challenges for healing, acceptance – and hope. Her creation is a mystical, funky, electro soul journey to which all can emotionally relate. Final Beginning, defines Eki Shola as a messenger of inner awareness and reflects her gratitude to a higher and her fellow being.

Eki Shola grew up in a family of healers of both mind and body. Her parents were multi-instrumentalists and her sibling uses his musical talents in his mental health practice. Eki Shola herself began classical piano lessons at the age of 4. In college, she played vibes for the Cornell University Lab Ensemble (CULE) a jazz band; performing with jazz trumpeter Steve Turre and Dr. Donald Byrd under the direction of Dr. Karlton Hester of Hesterian Musicism.

Final Beginning draws on diverse and often unpredictable influences including Mary Lou Williams, Rachmaninoff, Robert Glasper, Go Go Penguins, Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Taylor McFerrin and Zero 7. “Music can be therapeutic on many levels,” says Eki Shola. As a musician, Eki Shola knows the benefits of a creative outlet in developing and facilitating a more balanced lifestyle. As a practicing physician, Eki Shola has witnessed how physical and emotional manifestations of stress, fatigue and spiritual disconnection can adversely impact the ability to live an enriched, purposeful and fulfilled life.

Not only has Eki Shola performed at various Bay Area venues including KRCB 91 FM, KRSH 95.9, Hopmonk Tavern, Brew, Heart Space Healing Music Center, O+ Petaluma festival, Noise San Francisco, PianoFight, Railroad Square Music Festival, Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center and more, she has also played her songs at cardiovascular health presentations to illustrate the healing power of music in terms of stress reduction and its importance in relation to physical movement which is integral to one’s overall health. Final Beginning reflects a journey triggered by grief and spurned by motivation for healing and spiritual growth. This musical venture concludes with the audible realization that life is about inner reflections and improvisational healing.

Final Beginning has been reviewed and aired on various radio stations including KZSU 90.1 FM, KAMP 1570 AM, KXCI 91.3 FM, KRCB 91 FM, WCBN 88.3 FM, KUNM 89.9 FM, WYSO 91.3 FM, WWUH 91.3 FM, KAOS 89.3 FM, KKFI 90.1 FM, KZSC 88.1 FM, WFTU 1570 AM, KPOO 89.5 FM and KSJS 90.5 FM. Within months of its release, Final Beginning was listed on the Muzooka College Charts; placed within the top 100 at KSZU’s main chart; and ranked #9 on the top 50 charts at WCBN 88.3 FM. Wrapping up her Bay Area summer ’17 tour, Eki Shola received the 2017 NorBay Music Award for Best Electronica Artist. Continuing her passion for music, Eki Shola is currently working on three albums ranging from classical to a fusion of electrosoul merged with self-produced beats and chillout soulful vocals.

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Eki Shola Press Review

Upbeat Times, Inc. • March 2016 • 19 Musical Notes in Sonoma County by Shekeyna Black

Upbeat Times, Inc.

“Exclusively focusing on creating original music, Eki Shola’s niche is comprised of ethereal pieces that take the listener on a journey.” ~ Shekeyna Black, Upbeat Times

“… a wide assortment of moods, visions and expressions that are completely original, well crafted … reflects an original and comfortable spirit with a fresh vision.” ~ Karlton Hester, Musical Director of Hesterian Musicism

“Fascinating solo artist with her own sound. Sounds Like: Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Moby, Juana Molina.” ~ Tom McCarter, KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford University

“Eki Shola introduces her album explaining music as her language of love and of inspiration. A language that could contain the past, present, and future simultaneously. With piano and keyboard her music takes on experimental turns and noises within a jazz inspired keyboard performance, at times the music is very haunting and other times resembles a more classical female vocalist sound, the kind where, as you listen, you can imagine the singer looking out a rain streaked window (track 6 – Midweek Blues).  The more experimental tracks, can have you picturing yourself on a groovy space ship with the local alien band playing covers of earth classics with a foreign, sci-fi psychedelic twist ( track 1, track 3, and track 11 ).

Being an almost completely instrumental album, it feeds the mind in a way that would be great for working on homework or projects, crafts and such, much less suitable for working out as the album intrigues a contemplative mood. She is asking her listeners to contemplate, to feel, to inquire this paradoxical way we perceive time, combining memories and plans, the past and future into one being, you. She shows this through her title for the album as well, final beginnings, and oxymoron in itself, showing her work as not entirely just music, but sound art to be used to trigger thought and encourage love and beauty through rhythm and unique composition. Resembles The Motet but with electronic elements similar to red martian. Sounds Like: The Motet, Gold Panda.”           ~ Ellery Page, KAMP 1570 AM radio


Album (FCC clean) track listing 
  1. Fractionated
  2. Fentanyl Fitz
  3. Crazed
  4. Tympanic Struggle
  5. Exploration
  6. Midweek Blues
  7. Unknown Dub
  8. Sunrise
  9. Quantify
  10. Ascending
  11. Drunken Stars
  12. Classical Prayer
  13. Experimental Abyss
  14. Warm up
  15. Final Beginning C U Soon
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