Eki Shola

House Concert FAQ

It’s easier than you think…
What are house concerts?

Imagine having a private concert in the comfort of your own home. House concerts are a special way to enjoy music in a comfortable setting whether it be in your living room, garden or even garage.  I’ll perform an hour-long set for the enjoyment of you and your guests. Playing piano/keyboard is a passion of mine particularly in an intimate setting such as a house concert.  The magic of house concerts is that the intimate setting allows for the musician and audience to truly connect.

Why should I host a house concert? 

(1) You love music!  (2) You have many fun options – maybe you want to host a house concert for a group of co-workers, or host a summer BBQ in your garden or throw a small dinner party for friends and neighbors, or host a parents’ group date night in.  It’s totally up to you – you have many choices.  (3) House concerts have been around for some time, but may not be so common where you live. How cool and impressive it would be if you converted your home into a temporary exclusive concert space for your close friends!

I want to host! What do I do next?  

Both you and I will determine a date for your house concert.  Other than inviting your guests and setting up on the actual day (i.e. moving furniture to one side if your living room is on the small side, setting up chairs or placing comfy cushions on the floor for your guests to sit on, etc) there is really little else that you have to do other than spread the word about your upcoming house concert.  Although not mandatory, feel free to provide your guests with appetizers, or tea/coffee and dessert, or make it potluck style. I’ll help you with planning along the way and you can get in touch with me any time you have questions. 

What should I expect on the day of my house concert?  

I’ll arrive 60-90 minutes earlier than the start time of the performance which will give me ample time to set up.  I’ll play a one hour set after which I’ll be available to mingle and chat. Plan on approximately 3 1/2 hours from start to finish.

How much will a house concert cost me? 

Nothing!  There is no required fee from the host, however donations from your guests are greatly appreciated as they usually cover the musician’s travel costs and other related expenses.  It is expected that the host will encourage guests to provide a donation by providing a brief speech about the musician and pass around a donation vase (don’t worry, this is pretty easy and we can review this beforehand)  Typically, donations are $10-$20 per person.  There is no need for you to specify how much the donation should be, as whatever people can afford is generally greatly appreciated. 

How many people should I invite? 

Attendance usually runs between 25-50 people for house concerts so start hyping up your event! Typically your audience will be your friends and perhaps their friends.  One month before the event, send out an email, evite, postcard or Facebook event with the house concert details: date and time, description of the music, suggested donation (typically $10-20 per person) and if you’re serving hors d’oeuvres or potluck. You may want to send out a reminder 2 weeks later and one week before the house concert. Request that your guests RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Of note: As a parent of two energetic young children, house concerts work best as an adults-only experience. I know firsthand how it can be a little challenging to relax and fully engage in a musical performance when you’re chasing after littles ones.  Sometimes we just need a little adult time anyway – so grab a babysitter and enjoy your freedom for a few hours!  If need be we can always talk about other alternatives – just ask!

Email me here for any questions!