Eki Shola


Define through words:
I write to help you Remember the past
I write to help you Treasure the moment
I write to help you Welcome the future

Unforeseen circumstances in 2011 triggered me to start writing again and I am currently working on a memoir. From the sorrowful depths and joyous occasions of grief, the memoir is an honest account of a woman who has come to realize that one’s passions and dreams need to be fulfilled. It is about the realization that accomplishing true balance in life is achieved with the acceptance that the pivot under the balance scale is continuously changing. Most importantly, sometimes the things we fear the most are just the things we’re supposed to do.

I draw from personal reflection and humor to help relay the importance of self healing through the most challenging of times. My goal is that through sharing my story I may be able to help provide support and encouragement for someone else who continues on their own journey of healing.


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